Friday, October 30, 2015

Tutoring For Kids (part 2 of 2)

If you are tutoring your own kids, then make sure that they are involved in the process.  There are times when simple and decent talk with our children is very tiring and difficult, what more on making them sit for few hours to get some additional instruction?  If you are a parent tutoring her own kids, then try using words that would give positive disposition and encouragement. 

If you are tutoring for somebody else’s kids, make sure that you have a healthy and steady communication with the child’s parents. Tutors would find handling parents to be more difficult than handling the kids.  To make sure that you are communicating with the parents, you can start in the beginning. 

Some tutors would update parents about the sessions daily or every two days.  This would help the parents understand the children’s academic strengths and weaknesses and get their expectations straight.

• Structure and time management

Make a structure or a plan for the children.  You can give the children exercises or homework which do not demand too much time.  You can give them easy writing exercises or practice exercises.  Remember that they also have school homework to do but you do not want them to disregard tutoring sessions easily, too.

Since, you are dealing with children, it is absolutely necessary to give them time to breathe for awhile.  Children have short attention span, you could not contain them for such a long time.  You can try giving them fun exercises and homework to do.  Just do not make it too frequent, you want to avoid being somebody who spends most of the time playing than tutoring.  

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