Friday, October 30, 2015

Tutoring For Kids (part 1 of 2)

Tutoring, whether it is traditional or online, is slowly experiencing an increase in demand.  A lot of parents are already hiring tutors for their kids, it is all because of continuing increase in academic demands.  There are more students inside a classroom and teachers are finding it difficult to help all of the students. 

Busy and working parents, find it more convenient to enrol their children in post-school tutoring whether it is traditional and face-to-face or in the more flexible online tutoring.  Other parents would prefer to tutor their own kids.

Whether you have professional tutors or doing some tutoring of your own, they all seem to agree that teaching kids can be challenging sometimes.  What are some tutoring tips that you can use to make tutoring your own kids or other people’s children easier?

• Build rapport and communication.

Children are already inside classrooms and listening to teachers most of their day, the least that they would need is somebody who would meet them after class and sound like their classroom teacher.  The clear difference is, tutoring is not classroom instruction.  Tutoring is a positive reinforcement of what children learned inside the school.

Aside from teaching and discussing lectures, you would also need to give an ear to the children.  How would you know where exactly they are having problems, if you do not even bother listen to them?  It would be great if children would be able to ask you questions, make mistakes and correct them in a relaxed manner.  Children find it easier to open up once they realized that their tutor is actually somebody they could talk to and not somebody who would intimidate them.

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